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A blog by social-ecological researchers at Leuphana University

Beneath the Tip of the Iceberg: Exploring Inner Worlds for a Sustainability Transformation

Sustainability science seems to be an all-rounder: it generates comprehensive knowledge on complex environmental and societal challenges and also provides practical solutions. Yet, Ives et al. (2019) argue, that some aspects of reality have been largely neglected by researchers. With their paper, they aim to shine light on the prevailing disregard of our inner worldsContinue reading “Beneath the Tip of the Iceberg: Exploring Inner Worlds for a Sustainability Transformation”

Better Together: Knowledge Co-Production to Address Sustainability Challenges

From biodiversity loss to food security issues, finding solutions for the challenges we face in the Anthropocene requires working with multiple groups of people. The co-production of knowledge through the collaboration of academics and non-academics has proven to be an effective way to generate new insights and ideas to address sustainability challenges. In a recentContinue reading “Better Together: Knowledge Co-Production to Address Sustainability Challenges”

The Sky is the Limit? Drones in Biodiversity Conservation

Conservation management requires large amounts of high-quality data on wildlife, habitats, land use and all other kinds of systems, movements and patterns. While on ground sampling remains crucial for data collection, aerial surveys facilitate a change in perspective. They allow for reliable and up-to-date data acquisition across highly variable ecosystems and large patches of land.Continue reading “The Sky is the Limit? Drones in Biodiversity Conservation”

New Questions for a New Decade

A recent study on knowledge gaps regarding people-nature relationships offers a glimpse into what sustainability and conservation research might look like in the coming years, showing a possible shift in research priorities. While the functioning of social-ecological systems will remain an important focus, indigenous and local knowledge for the sustainable use and management of nature’sContinue reading “New Questions for a New Decade”

A new blog on social-ecological systems by researchers at Leuphana

Social-ecological systems research is increasingly being recognised as a valuable perspective to help solve interlinked sustainability challenges of the 21st century. At Leuphana University Lueneburg, we have a growing number of researchers actively engaged in social-ecological systems research. This blog serves as a communication platform for this group of people to share findings with otherContinue reading “A new blog on social-ecological systems by researchers at Leuphana”

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